Pubg best settings sensitivity

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Being the most popular and a bit costly game on PC, Xbox, Tencent game launched the game for mobile users in As the versions for PC and Xbox were paid, gamers seemed joyous as the mobile version was launched as a free-to-play game. The game spread like a wildfire which soon turned into an obsession for gamers. The main predicament gamers faced was that the original PC game was a bit costly and it worked butter-smooth only on heavy-specs machines. Running an emulator on a personal computer for playing PUBG is a mild solution but not the right one!

The world is witnessing a global rollout of PUBG Lite which is in its beta stage but the firm promises that apart from a few compromises, the game gives an authentic battlefield experience.

And to play really well, one needs a solid skillset along with the equipment that caters to the win. Jump right in! PUBG Lite is still in beta so you might notice a few bugs here and there. The game requires a 2GB download. Download it from here. The screen is the most essential factor when it comes to doing almost anything so why not make it the most enjoyable.

A high framerate is crucial that maximizes your gaming performance. We say stick at p if your monitor supports it or p at the least. If your system supports p, go for it.

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This is quite tricky. It mostly depends on personal preference. Gamers use a monitor that is capable of thrusting over 60 frames per second fps. Set it to frames per second. Keep in mind that not just the monitor, the graphics card also determines what refresh rate you can use. So if you have a crazy machine, you can crank it up. The main part of using a mouse is its sensitivity. It can either make or break that chicken dinner.

All this should work in conjunction with the in-game sensitivity, the resolution of your screen, so choose carefully by balancing all the three factors. Users settle the DPI between PUBG Lite sets the value at 50 by default.

Keeping sensitivity for scope lower will help you hit faraway targets. The basic idea of sensitivity is to be aware of the surroundings and maintain your posture in a gunfight.

PUBG Mobile Best Settings – Graphics, Sensitivity…

The guideline is given below and it is ideal that you follow it but depending on your personal experience, you can choose the settings that make you feel that the game controls are in your hand.

Display Mode -Set this to Fullscreen. You will get more frames per second fps. Screen Scale — Set this at Smoothed Framerate — Turn it off. Turning it on will cause input lag. It lets you see the objects in the landscape get rendered.

pubg best settings sensitivity

Anti-aliasing — Set it to Medium. This option makes the object look smoother but will make them a bit blurry. Set it to medium if you must save the frames.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Lean shooting is a useful skill in PUBG Mobile, you can avoid being spotted while scouting for enemies or shot opportunities. You can enable the Lean options in your settings.

So, always choose the maximum frame rate your current mobile phone will allow. Some frame rate options may not show up on some Android models. Since a high frame rate is important in the game, choose the highest possible option your Android smartphone can use!


Enabling 3D Touch controls will be based on finger pressure on-screen. Don't jump into a match right after enabling 3D Touch. Go into Training and practice character movement, aiming, and shooting to get used to the 3D Touch option first! Always choose a higher frame rate and adjust your game quality to "smooth" or "balanced" to ensure smooth gameplay without overworking your mobile! Disabling anti-aliasing and the auto-adjust graphics will prevent your frame rate from fluctuating and making sure your mobile's processor won't lag or overload.

Changing your crosshair's color can provide a good contrast on-screen, allowing you to aim, spot, and shoot at enemies much more accurately. Fingerless aiming using the gyroscope can be useful to players, especially when turning during close range fights. Practice aiming with the gyroscope in Training to be more proficient! It's best to choose "Ultra" or "Extreme" but drop lower if these options compromise mobile's performance. Anti-aliasing removes jagged lines in-game.

Disable this option to reduce the heat generated by your mobile phone. Player controls can also be adjusted in the settings. Pick the one that works best for you and don't forget to try them out in Training before dropping into a match! The default setting is already easy to use but the right-most setting is visually easy to understand so find what works for you!

It's recommended that players adjust sensitivity settings according to preference. Focus on a wall in-game and move the cross-hair to know what sensitivity works for you. Before jumping into an actual match, try practicing your aim and adjusting sensitivity within Training to get used to your settings! Enabling the auto-loot option is best for beginners! It's more convenient as low level items are automatically swapped out when higher level items are picked up! PUBG Mobile has a voice chat option!

pubg best settings sensitivity

Set this to "Team" voice chat to coordinate with squad mates more efficiently to get that Chicken Dinner!On that note, here are some sensitivity changes you can make to elevate your gameplay to the next level. The free-look camera settings are used to look around without the character turning, while running and parachuting. With the use of the eye button, it is useful to find enemies while the character is in motion. Right camera settings help to reduce the reaction time and lets a player switch between the targets effortlessly.

Without proper camera settings, moving up the ranks is next to impossible. The movement of camera angle in the third person depends on 3rd Person No Scope. Players can look around efficiently if the controls are not on extreme ends.

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Other options such as Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist are also used for the movement of camera angle like the 3rd Person No Scope, but it is for moving the camera angle when scoped in. If this setting is just right, it could help the player switch between the targets when fighting with multiple enemies.

The remaining settings are all about the movement of the camera angle while using different scopes. One can use these settings or change them a little to suit their style of play. The above sensitivity settings affect the shooting, i. However, it's important to note that sensitivity settings are personal preferences. One should tweak the above settings a little bit according to personal preference and as per the device being used for gaming.

New User posted their first comment. Esports Feature. Modified 18 MayIST. Edit Favorites. Contact Us. GDPR Compliance.PUBG Mobile is the most played game since the time it has launched.

It has successfully drove people of every age and gender to itself.

pubg best settings sensitivity

PUBG has become like an addiction to people, and they spend hours of their time in playing it. People take out time from their daily routine especially to play this game and enjoy it. Mastering the game of PUBG requires a good device with the skills of the player. The parameters to measure a good device depends on its sensitivity settings.

There are many mobile phones now made especially for games and have tremendous settings when it comes to games. To experience the best of pubg mobile you need to make certain changes in your pubg phones that would enhance your gameplay.

PUBG Mobile gained so much popularity in such a short life span that it is just unbelievable, this did not come easily, the developers of pubg spent days and night to make it the best game of the decade. Pubg Mobile is known to be the best game because of its features like shooting mechanics, variety in maps and the gameplay. All these three features contribute towards making pubg the most renowned game ever.

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With numerous weapons and all having distinct recoils it gives a very realistic touch to the game. The player has got the option to decide the battleground and there are various maps associated with the battles grounds. The interesting part about these maps is that each one of them is different from the other and needs a different type of gameplay.

The last but no0t the least amazing factor in this game is the players, their movements and the gameplay. The theme of the game and the process to play it.

The players cannot fly or suddenly skate rather they can walk and run, slow or fast and this quality of the game makes it realistic and more loved among people. Sensitivity settings are important to get winner winner chicken dinnerall the advanced players of pubg just does not win by their skills but also by the settings of their pubg mobile.

Suppose you are in the moment and you fired the gunshot but because of its speed you could not kill the enemy but the other person who is supposedly the pro or advanced player of the game kills the enemy at the same time. This is not luck, this is just the power of correct sensitivity settings.

Sensitivity is also important for a player to be in the game and play the game very smoothly.

Best Sensitivity Settings for PUBG Mobile

Make sure your aim is to enjoy the game and win it. Earlier with the old version PUBG Mobile, it was a really tough task to adjust the settings of sensitivity but with constant upgrades and updates, it has now become relatively easy.

You can select the type of sensitivity settings you want by selecting either high, low or medium sensitivity options. Sensitivity in the settings of the game is definitely required if you want to play the game in the best way possible.

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How To's. Dmitry Bykov. Add comment. Gift for you. Spread the love. View all posts.In PUBGthe right configurations can make it easier to spot enemies and net you more chicken dinners in the long run. When you first open your settings, the number of options may overwhelm you, but only a handful are important enough to affect your gaming experience. The following settings are optimized for the best gameplay. But remember, you can only make them better by making your own adjustments and personalizing them.

Aim down sights settings heavily depend on your other sensitivity. Though the audio settings of PUBG are limited, you can customize them even further if you have a headset with a sound mixer. Lowering bass levels while increasing high tones and treble is often recommended to hear footsteps better. Customizing them can still help you spot enemies faster and give you an advantage, though.

These adapters translate your keyboard and mouse inputs as if they were coming from a controller and allow you to play with your beloved peripherals. Most adapters come preloaded with configs and settings, but some may need further configurations. Lastly, keeping your Polling Rate at 1, Hz will help you reduce any latency.

If you feel any stutters during gameplay, you can also lower it down to Hz. Skip to content. Older Posts.Gyroscope holds a crucial role when it comes to getting a chicken dinner with more kills.

Playing PUBG Mobile only with a normal sensitivity setting is a disadvantage against the gyroscope sensitivity users. The players who use the gyroscope can target and aim at any point in a much easier way. With these best Gyroscope sensitivity settingsplayers can do their very best in their gameplay. Your performance on PUBG Mobile can get much better with a perfect gyroscope sensitivity and some practice. The best way to get the gyroscope sensitivity setting for PUBG is to find your own comfortable settings and practice with it.

To set up the best gyroscope sensitivity, put go to your PUBG Mobile sensitivity setting and scroll down to Gyroscope. You will face even more problem but after some hard practising, you will experience some best changes in your game play and aiming performance.

PUBG Sensitivity Settings For Mobile And Best Values For Assault Rifles

Also, you will see, 0 recoils with this gyroscope setting. Many of us want to use the exact same setting as they use. Gyroscope is a motion sensor in our mobile phones that allows to detect the movement of our phone.

With the Sensitivity setting we can adjust the be used by only tilting the mobile while playing. Do not misunderstand this with ADS Sensitivity.

The gyroscope sensitivity in PUBG Mobile is completely optional that means a player can choose whether he will use the gyroscope or not. If you choose to use Gyroscope then you surely need to set up the best gyroscope setting that you prefer to be the best suits for you. It has two different option which are Always on and Scope on. Always on allows to move your Cross-hair and Scope on ADS mode with Gyroscope feature while Scope on will only allow Gyroscope while you open your scope only.

By using the gyroscope feature, players experience less recoil and better-aiming accuracy and also you can use these best sensitivity settings for no recoil in PUBG mobile. You can make you own settings or just copy these famous youtubers setting and practice with it. I hope you all like this post. Please share with your friends. Homepage Tips and Tricks. Tags: best gyroscope sensitivity best gyroscope setting dynamo gyroscope sensitivity Gyroscope for No Recoil gyroscope sensitivity pubg gyroscope tips and tricks mortal gyroscope sensitivity pubg mobile gyroscope sensitivity.

Leave a Comment. Related Post.Poor recoil control is primarily attributed to wrong or incorrect sensitivity settings. The following settings would help you achieve a better recoil control and in improving your game.

The camera sensitivity free look is for eye button. It is used to look around without the character turning and is helpful to find enemies while moving around.

Camera settings are one of the most critical settings in PUBG game-play. Without the right camera settings, one cannot improve their game-play.

However, with the correct camera settings, one can reduce their reaction time. Let us understand this aspect in more detail. It should be preferably be kept 'high', which would enable a player to look around quickly. Initially, though, one might find it challenging to play with a higher 3rd person scope sensitivity.

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist is for the movement when you scope in, i. It should not be too high nor too low. Any of the two extremes is a hindrance in the game-play. The remaining settings are also about the movement of the camera angle when using different scopes. You can use these settings or tweak them a bit to suit your taste. These settings account for recoil control.

Mortal PUBG Sensitivity Settings: Zero Recoil Settings of India’s Best PUBG Mobile Player

All other settings except the ADS are the default of high sensitivity as the ADS is the one that helps to manage recoil. The camera settings and Aim Down Sight setting comes into play when you are shooting and dragging your crosshair to control your recoil. For instance, with very low 3x scope sensitivity, it is difficult to drag the crosshair down.

Similarly, a very high 3x scope sensitivity means that the crosshair can be pulled a bit easily while shooting. The sensitivity settings are, however, a matter of personal preference. You can tweak the above settings based on your choice and specific device used for gaming. New User posted their first comment. Esports Feature. Modified 17 MayIST.

Best PUBG sensitivity settings for no recoil: The following settings would help you achieve a better recoil control and in improving your game.

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